Rouxbe..Learn how to cook in the comfort of your own home



Ever heard of “Rouxbe” ( If you are a time or location challenged enthusiastic home chef who enjoys cooking classes, this maybe a solution for you.

It is a members only (fees applicable), instructor-led on-line cooking school, offering instructor-guided certification courses for cooks at all levels, serving both home and professional cooks worldwide. I was first introduced to this website through Northwest Culinary and became a member in 2012.   It  was established in 2005 and apparently it is being used as a supplementary tool at partnered culinary schools.

Their high quality instructional videos provide broken down, concise step-by-step instructions which allow the user to learn, skip back and re-watch any details you may need at any time, at the comfort of your own home.  All courses can be taken on demand at your own pace: There are longer term cooking courses, and short individual subject-matter focused cooking classes.  It tracks your progress and there are actual quizzes to review your knowledge!

Currently I’m enrolled in two cooking courses (maximum 3 at a time); The Cook’s Roadmap (Level 1) and Food Safety course; I have set aside time each week to study on my own. I also use this website as a reference very often; there are separate sections on recipes (video or text only, Rouxbe tested or community submitted), cooking tips/techniques and discussion forum which I find very resourceful.  It has added on so much to my existing knowledge as a home chef; I do believe learning the techniques behind each recipe is the most effective way to learn how to cook.

Presently this is working out very well with my schedule; besides it is getting quite cold here in #Vancouver, I’m quite content to stay warm and cosy and learn in the comfort of my own home.  


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