FYI: Shio-Koji


Shio-Koji is a Japanese condiment made from salt, and rice inoculated by koji, the mold used to make sake and miso.  It is a “live” food which is rich in enzymes which brings out the flavour in foods ; it works particularly well with fish and meats (chicken/pork).  The saltiness is actually mild and sweet, it can be used in place of salt in any dish or sauces. Saveur magazine recently included shio-koji in their 2014 Top 100 list (

As recommended, the golden ratio is 1:10 (shio-koji weight : weight of ingredient).

A couple of months ago I went on a grocery shopping trip with my Twin and picked up my shio-koji from Izumi-ya, a Japanese food store in Richmond, BC. Last weekend her husband Shin showed me how to use it as a marinade for the grilled mackerel, I will be posting the simple delicious recipe shortly.

To my “Twin” and Shin, thank you very much for sharing and expanding my culinary knowledge (OO).

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