Easy Saturday Brunch at Farmer’s Apprentice


One late May sunny Saturday morning, at exactly 11:10am, we were already sitting outside of Farmer’s Apprentice restaurant, waiting anxiously for the restaurant to open for brunch.  I figured 20 minutes wait is totally acceptable and at exactly 11:30am sharp, the hostess came out and started to seat everyone. I assured you within that short time frame, the entrance were already filled with people; miraculously everyone was in “cue” and our friendly hostess was able to coordinate and seat everyone in an orderly fashion.

Located on the Fairview Slopes on 6th Avenue and Granville Street, honestly it is lovely to see another simple (Salade de fruits Cafe is just up one block) restaurant opened in the posh South Granville neighbourhood; the interior is rustic, the atmosphere is friendly and relaxing… the brunch menu was simple with a twist of imagination; the dishes we had were good.

Perfect poached egg!
Buttery sablefish with tangy parsley dill sauce

I had the healthy dish – Grains cooked in asparagus juice, asparagus, hazelnuts, pea shoots and poached eggs (warm organic bread ordered separately)- I know the ingredients may not exactly sound very tempting, however I find the idea itself very interesting and I never would have imagined all these flavours would work quite well together. Some diners may find the portion (Vancouver/North American supersize) a bit small, personally I think it’s just right and this is actually a very filling dish.

Andy had the smoked sablefish, potatoes and poached eggs with parsley dill sauce; the fish was buttery, the sauce was creamy with just the right amount of tanginess, it “disappeared” in no time…

This is one of the rare times I did not do any thorough research or read up on the chef’s profile prior to our visit; we went because we happened to walk by this place one day some time ago, we liked its name and the vibe, and sure glad we finally went (OO).


Farmer’s Apprentice – 1535 West 6th Avenue (and Granville Street), Vancouver, BC.

Rustic decor…

Friendly and fast service, casual atmosphere, fresh farm to table menu which changes constantly (items which I’ve mentioned may not be available), street parking (mostly metered) available; if you live in the neighbourhood, walking is the best way to get there.

Brunch is first come first serve basis, I’m sure the restaurant has gotten even busier since winning the 2014 Vancouver restaurant awards; get there early!


Farmer's Apprentice on Urbanspoon

Farmer's Apprentice on Urbanspoon

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