October 22nd, 2014 Radio Show RECAP


Thank you Ms. Deborah Moore for having me on your show this morning! Until next time…Happy and Healthy Eating! (OO)

Here are the links and information for today’s radio show:

4 new recipes a little French, a little Japanese and Korean: Salmon Potato Crusted Pie, Faux Japanese “Omurice”, Tomato Caramelized Onion Jam “Jam-up”, Kimchi Jjigae

Interesting article on New York Times: Quote from There are only Two Rules for a Good Diet –

“1. Stop eating junk and hyper processed food.  This eliminates probably 80 percent of the stuff that is being sold as “food”.

2. Eat more plants than you did yesterday, or last year.

If you add “Cook your own food” to this list, it’s even more powerful, but these two steps alone allow you to reduce the amount of antibiotics you are consuming; pretty much eliminate GMOs from your diet, lighten your carbon footprint; reduce your chances of becoming ill as a result of your diet; save money; cut way back on sugar, other junk and unnecessary and potentially harmful non food additives; and so on.

All without relying on corporate benevolence or the government getting things right. The power lies with you.”

– Rice flour and Quinoa Flour pasta: gluten free option and my favorite is spaghetti!


Lovely mango/sago/pomelo dessert, love their matcha and mango icecream; durian is very popular.

Doolami on Granville and West 64th Avenue: open evenings from 7pm till late night, delivery available




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