March 25th 2015 Radio Show

IMG_8884Hi I’m back!!

It has been three months since I made my last posting..Thank you so much for your patience and return visits! I was away since last week of January till mid-February for an urgent family matter;  finally now slowly getting back into normal swing of things and working on “catch up” with my postings , and so tuned in April!

I will be on Ms. Deborah Moore’s radio show on AM 1470 Fairchild Radio on March 25th, 2015 at 10:30am sharp, my first in 2015!

Below is the outline for today’s segment; content is subject to change according to Ms. Moore and flow of program; I look forward to chatting with her about food and everything else (OO)

Peter Ciuffa’s family pasta and Italian cooking class


Juno Kim’s plating and food photography workshop


Volunteer at UGM:

French Vietnamese Food Cafe:

Spicy baguette sticks – Linh Cafe

French bakery on Commercial and E.12th:

Strawberry balsamic cream puff

More icecream shops in Vancouver?

Delicious soft icecream in Hong Kong:


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