Father’s Day Dinner

IMG_8853 - Version 2I have always enjoyed cooking for my extended family; whether it’s New Year’s, Thanksgiving or birthdays,  there are many fond memories of good times and delicious meals prepared together at Andy’s parents’ house.

This year Barb and Nick hosted Father’s Day dinner at their place and we had a “seafood and vegetable” extravaganza:

I spent the Saturday shopping and prepping most the ingredients at my home; the next day  “Golden Apron mobile kitchen” (my nickname)  transferred everything to the hosts’ kitchen and cooked three dishes for dinner: My own version of salmon carpaccio (inspired by a dish I’ve had at Suika (Japanese Izakaya on West Broadway and Fir in Vancouver ( http://www.suika-snackbar.com/)); salmon sashimi thinly sliced (easier to sliced when slightly frozen, sharp knife required!), drizzled lemon juice and wasabi mayo,  then garnished with arugula, kaiware (sprouted daikon radish seeds) lightly tossed in yuzu dressing (grape seed oil/soy/yuzu juice/minced shallot/salt and pepper to taste) mixed with prepared seaweed (purchased from local Japanese deli)and flying fish roe (tobiko).

Salmon carpaccio with arugula and kaiware in yuzu dressing, seaweed, flying fish roe with wasabi mayo.
Salmon carpaccio with arugula and kaiware in yuzu dressing, seaweed, flying fish roe with wasabi mayo.

Steamed clams and prawns in sake (butter, garlic, mirin, dashi stock) with dipping sauce (light soy, lemon juice, shichimi (japanese spice mixture), mirin and green onions)

Steamed clams and prawns in sake and butter, with soy dipping sauce.
Steamed clams and prawns: From stove to table as is!
Ready for the oven; pacific halibut purchased at Granville Island market; I skinned and portioned the fish myself at home the night before, then marinade two hours prior to cooking..

Roasted halibut fillet with seasonal vegetables purée , an improvised dish based on a recipe which I’ve learnt not too long ago from the halibut cooking class at Northwest Culinary Academy (http://www.nwcav.com/): Instead of halibut cheeks, I used halibut fillet and served family style; fish portioned and marinaded in olive oil blend (2 parts olive oil, 1 part canola oil), salt, white pepper, thyme, lemon zest), roasted in oven at 375 degrees until opaque; finished with mushroom purée  and seasonal vegetables (see original halibut cheek recipe).

Marcia’s heavenly chocolate meringue!

What about dessert?  That’s not really my department; Marcia made these absolutely delicious Chocolate Meringue; Barb and Nick served vanilla ice-cream with freshly picked strawberries from a local farm in Ladner, BC.

It was fun evening filled with lots of interesting stories and laughter; I have always told Andy he’s very fortunate his parents and siblings all live here in Vancouver!  I miss my own family dearly, especially my Dad, who had a stroke in March 2012 and fortunately recovered. Although I just went to see him recently; somewhere between tossing the vegetables and roasting the fish, my mind drifted back to last year’s Fathers Day, when I made a special trip back home just to celebrate with my Dad, the first time in many years. Can’t wait until the end of this year when I will see my family again..(OO)

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