May 20th 2015 Radio Show

IMG_8884   Hi everyone, I will be on Ms. Deborah Moore’s radio show on Wednesday May 20th, 2015; below is the outline and the content is subject to change according to Ms. Moore and flow of program; I look forward to chatting with her about food and everything else (OO) From Eat Vancouver: Everyday Superfoods It’s not bacon; bacon flavoured coconut topper – Canadian Maple flavour.  A fun substitute! You can find this product at Choices Food Market (Thanks Jo Jo for the recommendation!)

Juicing anyone? I do make my own juice at home; it’s good to know there are great options in Vancouver.  I love this tonic at Juicery… IMG_5803 And how about Heartbeet from the Juice Box ??

Orange Ginger and Heart beet from Juice Box
Is juicing for you? Do more research and obtain more Information on cold pressed juices:

Starstruck at Eat Vancouver: pastry tasting panel (Thomas Haas, Chez Christophe, Beta Five (Adam Chandler) and Beaucoup (Jackie Ellis) IMG_6046

Eat Vancouver Special Event: Special Dinner series at Dirty Apron Cooking School (Chef David Robertson) with Anna Olson and Jackie Ellis I finally made it to Dirty Apron Cooking School (on Beatty Street)!  It was a night to remember; meeting Anna Olson and Jackie Ellis, they are just lovely.  Friendly Chef owner David Robertson and crew cooked the students (30 of us) a beautiful tasting family style dinner!

Chef Robertson’s seared duck breast with orange gastrique
Split into different groups, we had a pastry lesson (Choux paste) from Anna and Jackie, assisted by the great staff at Dirty Apron and Beaucoup (Thanks Mina for your helpful hints in frying!), we made crullers and assembled the profiteroles into croquembouche (the grand tower of cream puffs) ! IMG_6136 I’ve talked about their cookbook a few months ago; Check out the Dirty Apron cooking school website for the course schedule; I definitely will be back..

Hello Beaucoup it has been a while….

Croissant, Pain au chocolat, chocolate almond croissant 
Fort Langley: It’s another world out there…Brunch at Beatniks Bistro (

Brunch at Beatniks Bistro – My husband had the Ancho Chorizo wrap and it was delicious

3 thoughts on “May 20th 2015 Radio Show

  1. Where can I buy the body brush that you mentioned on Deborah’s radio show this previous Wednesday? Many thanks.

    1. Hi Judy you can purchase the brush at Whole Foods or soap dispensary on Main Street, that’s where I got for Deb M. Make sure it’s a soft brush for dry brushing only, it is not intended to use in bath or shower. If you have any questions please email me anytime at .

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